Hello, my name is Lucy, and I’m a Travel Addict…

…But if I’m a travel addict, at least I come by it honestly. My parents, prompted by my English professor father, traveled to Europe several times while I was growing up, and I was fortunate enough to have a mother who insisted on dragging me and my brother along. My addiction to travel began with intensity at the tender age of ten when my Dad was leading a group of college students on a six week tour of Europe. We spent almost two of those weeks in Italy. After that it was all over. Somewhere between Venice and Florence I was forever infected with the Travel Bug.

As of today, I’ve been to Europe sixteen times, with two more trips planned this summer.  About half of those have been with students and the others with my husband and family.  I’ve had so many great experiences during those trips: beautiful moments, hilarous stumbles, and eye-opening revelations.  My worldview is forever changed–and changing.

My books, Episodes in Student Travel, as well as this blog, are my offering to those who love to travel and read about travel, and who are eager to open the joyous door to discovering other people and cultures in our shared global community.