Becker Vineyards

Becker Tasting Room

Becker Vineyards: Texas Hill Country

The atmosphere at Becker Vineyard is so inviting and relaxing, you’ll feel like you’re just hanging out on your neighbor’s front porch—if your neighbor is an internationally award-winning vintner.

Dr. and Mrs. Becker began this vineyard with their sons two decades ago, and have dedicated considerable talent to cultivating amazing Texas wines that are earning increasing international accolades.  Just this year, their Viognier won the Silver medal in the International Wine Competition of Lyon, France.

On cooler days, we occasionally treat ourselves to a bottle of Raven, another award winner.  Raven is special, one of the best wines I’ve ever tasted and, in my opinion, rivals the Chateauneuf-du-Pape varietals.  A bold claim, I know.  Raven is a unique blend of malbec and petit verdot grapes.  As the bottle poetically boasts: “it flows like Texas summer night, augury of the dark and unseen, turning in time both ancient and near.”

The charms of the wines aside, when you step into the tasting rooms at the vineyard you feel as if the universe has conspired to merge an amazing European wine cave with a friendly Texas welcome.

The tasting counter is huge, staffed with friendly and knowledgeable people who are happy to help you navigate the considerable wine selection.

This summer, my favorites are the lighthearted Provencal blush and the elegant Fleur Savage, a white wine with such a lovely bouquet and delicious full flavor that it puts the mass-market white wines to shame.  The drawback of enjoying such unique wines is that they sometimes sell out.  I learned my lesson last year and stocked up early on my summer favorites.

When you visit, take your time and taste everything you find interesting.  Choose whatever you want to take home, then get one extra bottle and carry it out to the porch to share with your friends.  Relax and enjoy the shade while gazing out at the historic guest house and the lavender fields.

Who wouldn’t want to move in next door to the Beckers?

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