IB Italy Trip

AHS  IB Italy Trip

Spring Break 2015

The Fun Never Stops!

Check out our highlight video:

 IB Project World Italy 2015

 Buon Viaggio!

 Below is all the info you need to prepare for your trip.  All of the handouts from our meetings are here, as well as some fun videos that will give you a preview of our fabulous adventure.

Questions about Money?

The very best way to get cash in Europe these days is to put your ATM into a machine after you get there. You will get the local currency at the best exchange rate with minimal fees.

Another good idea is to ask your local bank to get some Euros for you and take that instead of dollars. It usually takes 1-2 days, and you’ll get a good rate there, too.

Suggested Budget:

How_Much_Money_Do_I_Need  ?  (Updated 1/20/15)

Exchange Rate: $1.10 = One Euro

Check today’s exchange rate: xe.com 

Remember that the official exchange rate is what the banks give each other.  Mere mortals like us will pay a bit more.  Every credit or debit card will charge something for international purchases.  If you can keep your fees around 3%, then you’ve got a good deal.

The ‘chip’ cards are more widely used in Europe than here in the states.  If you have an opportunity to get one, go ahead.  However, only a few unmanned kiosks (toll booths, a few soda machines) are unable to take a regular credit or debit card.  This shouldn’t be a problem for us on this trip.  Rest assured, your ATM with 4 digit pin will work for you in Italy.

Click on these titles to see the handouts:

 Defensive Touring – Italy

IB Italy Itinerary Updated Jan. 15

Power Converter, Italy

Cell Phones in Italy

Fundraiser letter Italy

What do I need to bring to Italy ?

What are we going to eat ?

Fundraiser ideas IB Italy trip

IB Italy_Trip_FAQ

 What to do with our free afternoon in Florence?   Climb Giotto’s Belltower (Campinile) or into the great dome?  Explore street markets and visit masterpieces at the Ufizzi?

Here are some great ideas to get you started: Florence Travel Guide

Before we go:  You WILL need a passport to get on the plane.

If you already have one, make sure the expiration date is more than six months after our return date, so it should be valid through September 15, 2015.  Please follow the instructions carefully at:


Please do not sign up for a service that promises to help you get a passport.  In the end, you will still have to go to the passport office with your long form birth certificate, parents or their paperwork, and apply in person.  Don’t pay extra for a service.  While you’re at it, I recommend getting the US Passport Card in addition to the book.  The card can be used as supplemental ID for credit card purchases while traveling, allowing you to leave your passport book in the hotel safe.

Talk to Mr. or Mrs. Bartholomee if you have any questions.

Links to Helpful Videos & Articles

ACIS article about Packing Right for Italian Winters

 Rick Steves: Short, fun video clips about our destinations

Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance

Mystical Orvieto

Seaside Sorrento

The Island of Capri

Capri’s Blue Grotto

Ancient Pompeii

Rome and More Rome

The Sistine Chapel and the Vatican

Off the Path: Discover the Etruscans, Italy’s first civilization.

An Etruscan Tomb

Rick Steves in a spooky tomb

Other fun video programs:

Cities of the Underworld: Rome

Your Indiana Jones Moment:  Check out the website for Basilica San Clemente

What’s the big deal about Brunelleschi’s Dome in Florence?  Find out with Nova’s great film, looking into the engineering and architectural designs innovated by Brunelleschi  in this building more than 500 years ago.

 P1090022 P1090025

IB Students in Paris, 2012


IB Rome trip, 2011


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