Northstar England Trip

Follow Northstar students on their journey to London, Windsor,

Bath, Stonehenge & More!


 Our First Day in London


 We hit the ground running with a movie themed walking tour, including

P1000170     P1000171

Charring Cross Station and Trafalgar Square, ending up near Big Ben.

We learned right away that London can be chilly and misty, but a quick ride on the crowded London Tube warmed us right up.

P1000197     P1000202

Dinner tonight was at Wildwood, an Italian Restaurant near Gloucester Road. We were hungry and sleepy, but we powered through and made it to desert. Yum!!



Day Two: London Sightseeing

Morning City Tour with Sean our local ‘Blue Badge’ guide.


P1000250     P1000288

Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and Parliament, and much more.

P1000314 P1000316

After a flight on the London Eye, we went to the British Museum to see the Rosetta Stone and objects from all over the world and across all of human history.

(Not too shabby…)

P1000325   P1000328

Dinner Tonight: Classic Fish & Chips with mushy peas, and Sticky Toffee pudding.

P1000350 P1000351


 Day Three: Introduction to London Theater

Our morning began with a Royal Drury Lane Theatre tour, with guides in fun costumes showing us backstage and underground in a 200 year old theater. On this site, plays have been performed for more than 300 years, but due to two different fires the only remains of the first playhouse are in this underground tunnel.

P1000387 P1000392 P1000396

At lunchtime we explored the classic English shops at Covent Garden.


We spent the afternoon at Windsor Castle, historic residence of the monarchy.

 P1000407 P1000427

After a delicious dinner at a Spanish restaurant, we attended the hilarious comedy

The Play That Goes Wrong in the London theater district.



Day Four: The Tower of London & Globe Theater tours

 Cleverly beating the crowd at the Tower of London, we entered just before opening to watch the centuries-old tradition of the Tower Guard opening the gates.


 P1000456 P1000457

Of course we visited the Crown Jewels (no photos allowed in there, and references to the new BBC Sherlock series were seriously frowned upon).  We also visited the other towers, dungeons, weapons displays, and shops, and strolled the medieval ramparts.

  P1000476 - Copy   P1000521 - Copy

Across the Thames, we toured the historically reconstructed Globe Theater and saw a demonstration on the specialized art of  theatrical fencing.

P1000537 - Copy   P1000554 - Copy

IMG_2240  P1000573 - Copy

A delicious lunch at a Greek café on the Thames boardwalk.  We sampled 12 different dishes that are classic Greek and Mediteranean cuisine, and finished off with Baklava as a gift from the cheerful Greek owner.


 IMG_2253 IMG_2254 IMG_2255



Next, we took in St. Paul’s Cathedral, a stunning work of beauty by architect Christopher Wren in the late 1600’s.


We ended our day with a spooky Jack the Ripper walking tour in the famous and elegant East End neighborhood.  Our starting point was a 2000 year old Roman wall.

P1000592 - Copy

An Unforgettable New Year’s Eve!

Stonehenge: Ancient & Mysterious

P1000595 - Copy  P1000617 - Copy  P1000603 - Copy  P1000627 - Copy

The Roman Baths in Bath: spa of caesars and centurions

The Romans knew how to enjoy a proper swim!

These springs still produce millions of gallons per day at 95 degrees, creating an aromatic mist over the waters.

P1000669   P1000707

P1000674    IMG_2261

After free time in the charming village, we experienced traditional Cream Tea at the oldest teashop in England.

P1000737   P1000735

P1000729 P1000732 P1000734

Back in London, we enjoyed a festive New Year’s eve dinner party.  For those who were up to the chilly evening walk, we went to Parliament Square to watch the fireworks.

IMG_2263    IMG_2266 IMG_2275    IMG_2288

Happy New Year!

The  Bartholomee Pop Culture Tour

Dr. Who fans at the police call box at Earl’s Court station.


Abbey Road’s iconic street crossing, now crowded with Beatles fans.

P1000768    P1000785

London’s Natural History Museum, a cathedral to knowledge, now included in the ‘Night at the Museum’ movie series.

P1000762   P1000743

221b Baker Street, “home” of Sherlock Holmes.

P1000792    P1000794

Harry Potter fans enjoyed Platform 9 3/4, now a crowded photo op.


Piccadilly Circus: not a circus, but a grand show just the same.

IMG_2313    P1000799

Comic and Pop Culture Shopping Extravaganza: Forbidden Planet

IMG_2355     250px-Forbidden_Planet_London_January_2012[1]

Drama in the Dr. Who aisle

(that’s right, a whole aisle of Dr. Who stuff-and more on the other floors)!

Dinner found us enjoying Artisanal Italian pizza and pasta.


After dinner, we split into two groups: Harrod’s or the Hard Rock.

P1000804    250px-Harrods_at_Night,_London_-_Nov_2012[1]

The Last Day…the one we never want to end.

First, a river cruise to the village of Greenwich to visit the Royal Observatory.

    P1000809    IMG_2334

The world’s clock is here at the Prime Meridian,

setting the time and date for the entire globe.

P1000828      IMG_2340

IMG_2344  P1000820

Isaac and Ian step across the Prime Meridian, while Carson checks out Newton’s telescope.

After enjoying free time in the original Greenwich Village, we returned to London’s Covent Garden for a farewell dinner of traditional English cuisine.

IMG_2359  IMG_2361 IMG_2360

IMG_2362 IMG_2363

 A Sweet Homecoming!


 “Still round the corner there may wait
A new road or a secret gate
And though I oft have passed them by
A day will come at last when I
Shall take the hidden paths that run
West of the Moon, East of the Sun.”
J.R.R. Tolkien 



Preparation & Packing Information

ACIS logo

Questions about Money?

The very best way to get cash in Europe these days is to put your ATM into a machine after you get there. You will get the local currency at the best exchange rate with minimal fees.

Another good idea is to ask your local bank to get some British Pounds for you and take that instead of dollars. It usually takes 1-2 days, and you’ll get a good rate there, too.

Suggested Budget:

How_Much_Money_Do_I_Need  ?

Exchange Rate: $1.60 = One British Pound

Check today’s exchange rate: 

Remember that the official exchange rate is what the banks give each other.  Mere mortals like us will pay a bit more.  Every credit or debit card will charge something for international purchases.  If you can keep your fees around 3%, then you’ve got a good deal.


Information to help you prepare for our trip:

Itinerary updated 12-6

What do I need to bring to England ?

Cell Phones Overseas

Power Converter, England

What are we going to eat ?

Defensive Touring – England  (Safety First)

London Films (One of our tours is movie themed.  Check out these films to get ready.)


Helpful Links:

Night at the Museum 3 movie trailer

The Night at the Museum crew goes to London’s British Museum.  Should be a fun preview of the city!

London City Scenes

How to use the London Oyster Card

“Mind the Gap” London Tube video 

Free Fun in London  

Classic British Meals (short cooking videos)

ACIS page about packing

And here is Rick Steves’ advice for packing ‘light and right.’

Rick has figured out how to stay in Europe for months at a time with just a carry on size suitcase!  I’m not there yet, but he has a lot of good ideas.


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